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Fovea EDGE Product Line.


Edge Computer Vision with automated defect handling

Turn-key solution for fully automatic complex surface inspection tasks


Edge Computer Vision System

Compact modular Vision Inspection System for defect detection tasks


Handheld Inspection System

Hand-held contouring application for defect detection

Fovea EDGE Advantage

Edge products bringing real-time inference on the shop-floor, to enable automation.

  • Real-time defect detection
  • Quick, predictable on-boarding with over 98% precision and recall metrics

  • Advanced defect detection techniques designed for ultra-low PPM manufacturing lines

  • Reduce inspection speed by upto 50%
  • Reduce reporting time by 95%

Product Demonstration.

Watch the demo video to see the Fovea EDGE suite of solutions for Fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) in action.

Case Studies.

Indian multinational steel manufacturing company achieves 98% defect detection accuracy on their surface quality inspection system

A major challenge for most manufacturing units, is to maximize yield and produce the highest quality of product, while limiting cost & resource wastage. Early detection of defects is crucial for immediate response and thereby preventing scrap, customer rejects and overall safety of operation. AI based vision product can tackle challenging tasks of detecting surface defects automatically.

Defect Detection Accuracy Achieved
Inspection Speed Reduced
Detection Reliability Increased

Global integrated aerospace avionics provider achieves 90% overall defect detection accuracy on their FPI quality system

A major challenge for a major aerospace component manufacturer to reduce the occurrence of defects. Current FPI system involves a metal / part specialized expert trained to examine, classify and produce reports on the various classes of defects. Myelin’s Fovea EDGE device was able to seamlessly analyse sample and annotate defects in real-time, making it easier for the inspector to identify and classify defects.

Defect Detection Accuracy Achieved
Detection Reliability Increased
Reporting Time Reduced

Compare Fovea EDGE.

Digital transformation for higher yield, efficiency, and quality; Higher productivity with automation.

  • Improves overall equipment efficiency with minimum human intervention.
  • Work in real-time on the edge machinery, with no latency.

  • Artificial intelligence based solution increasingly improves and optimizes for maximum accuracy.
  • Works with very little customization to existing processes.
  • Real-time decision making, reporting with a negligible turn around time.
  • Microservices based solution can be scaled and configured effortlessly on the move across different types of hardware.
  • Solution can be immune to any variability in temperature, pressure, light conditions while also available offline.
  • All data remains on-premises and is highly secure.

Current visual inspection solutions

  • Any improvement is subject to human expertise and error.
  • Works from a cloud compute environment with lots of latency.
  • Manual intervention is required and any improvement can be limited by predefined datasets.
  • Lot of customized hardware and intervention required to setup cloud based network systems.
  • Decision making requires significant human intervention.
  • Solutions sensitive to external conditions, including network availability.
  • Prepackaged solutions which are limited by specific hardware requirements and cannot be scaled nor configured easily.

  • Data security can be vulnerable to any network or internet breach.

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