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Fovea STREAM Product Line.

Content Ingestion & Distribution

Efficient Content Ingestion and Distribution

As the streaming landscape evolves, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. With Upscaling, you not only future-proof your streaming service but also create a cost-effective and visually captivating experience for your audience. Reach out to our team to learn more about how Upscaling can transform your content, reduce CDN spend, and deliver low-latency streaming that sets you apart in the digital realm. Elevate your streaming game with Upscaling – because every frame matters.

Content Monetization

Revolutionize Content Monetization

Myelin’s AI-driven metadata, search, and intelligent ad insertion contribute to content monetization by enhancing user satisfaction, optimizing ad revenue, and providing a more personalized and engaging viewing experience. We bring to you cutting-edge technologies to help improve revenue streams in todays competitive digital landscape.

Industry Challenges.

…half of users (47%) claim to have unsubscribed from a streaming service due to buffering issues…

– Bitmovin, 2022, Buffering is costing streaming services, <Link>

…after just a 5 sec ad delay, 19.24% of viewers have already given up on waiting…

– Conviva, 2020, Benchmark the Performance of Every Stream, <Link>

…a single rebuffering event causes abandonment rate three times higher than a single bitrate change…

– Columbia University, IEEE INFOCOM 2016, QoE Matters More Than QoS: Why People Stop Watching Cat Videos, <Link>

…poor video quality and buffering could cost video streamers $390 million per month…

– Bitmovin, 2022, Buffering is costing streaming services, <Link>

Fovea STREAM Advantage

Real-time edge AI powered streaming with device-aware, content-aware, and context-ware enhancement.

  • Up to 30% reduction in rebuffering ratio*

  • Up to 30% bitrate switches* with no changes to streaming pipeline

  • Enable up to 40% savings+ on CDN costs
  • Enable HD/FHD experience for end users even in unreliable network conditions

* Actual improvement will depend on the ABR renditions for each application

+ ‘REAL-TIME PROCESSING OF MULTIMEDIA DATA ON AN EDGE DEVICE – Application no.202041023911, Status – Filed, Inventors – G. Suryanarayanan et.al


Watch the demo video to see the Fovea STREAM suite of solutions for real-time Edge AI Video Enhancement in action.

Input 180p – Fovea STREAM Output 1080p

Original HD – Fovea STREAM Equivalent 480p

Case Studies.

Indian top 5 UGC platform sees 40% CDN cost saving

Exponential increase in the number of subscribers to the UGC app, both to produce and consume content, rapidly increased challenges. Owing to the variability in cell phones and conditions used by content creators or initial video quality for content, which was reproduced, the video quality varied significantly within each video for this platform.

CDN Cost Saved
Average Bitrate Saved
VMAF Points Improved


Compare Fovea STREAM.

Significant reduction in data costs borne by OTT and premiumization of content for UGC.

  • Works real-time on the customer edge device / smartphone chip-set.
  • Works on any input resolution and any quality.
  • Works irrespective of the encoding format.
  • Works with absolutely no latency, on any type of media content.
  • Works for all kind of video streaming, VOD and Live formats.
  • Works on smartphones, smart-TVs, tablets, PC; its device agnostic technology.

Current media streaming AI solutions

  • Often tends to be offline GPU / cloud based processing, streamed on the edge device.
  • Depends on the resolution provided by the content provider.
  • Latency can depend on the network bandwidth, kind of media being streamed.
  • Encoding parameters decide compatible target devices and server availability.
  • Currently can only work for VOD and not for live streaming content.
  • Depends heavily on the kind of device used for streaming.

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