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Fovea AUTO Advantage

Real-time edge compute for in-vehicle infotainment, low-light video enhancement and ADAS applications.

  • Digital transformation for in-vehicle experiences, safety, and V2X services

  • Interactive experiences delivered through infotainment or digital assistant systems

  • More than 20%+ enhancement in rear-camera lighting

  • NCAP driver assist tested technology enabling better decision-making while driving

Recent Product Deployment.

Watch the demo videos to see the Fovea AUTO suite of solutions for Edge AI Object Detection & In-car Digital companion in action.

Compare Fovea AUTO.

Digital transformation for in-vehicle automotive experiences, safety, and V2X services.

  • Improves overall connected driving experience.
  • Work in real-time from the in-car hardware, with no latency.
  • Works with very little customization to existing processes.
  • Real-time decision making, reporting with a negligible turn around time.
  • Solution can function offline and can work in any temperature, pressure, light condition.
  • Microservices based solution can be scaled and configured effortlessly on the move across different types of automobile hardware.
  • All data remains in-car and is highly secure.

Current automotive AI Solutions

  • Solution may not connect seamlessly, negatively affecting the driving experience.
  • Requires cloud compute environment which promises lots of latency.
  • Lot of customized hardware required to setup cloud based network systems.

  • Decision making requires significant driver intervention.
  • Solutions sensitive to external conditions, including network availability.
  • Prepackaged solutions which are limited by specific car hardware requirements and cannot be scaled nor configured easily.
  • Data security can be vulnerable to any network or internet breach.

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