Automotive grade AI solutions for OEMs.

In-Cabin Intelligence

Automotive Streaming Platform

Enable real-time low-latency, conditional video streaming from car cameras to users’ phones, providing access to live and recorded content.

Automotive Generative AI Platform

Generate captivating video animations that synchronize with audio streams, visualize user generated content, across various contextual layers.

Cockpit Assistance

Assist vehicle users to recognize unfamiliar car cockpit elements through object detection and interpretation of signs and features.

Driver Monitoring

NCAP compliant drowsiness and distraction monitoring system, designed for automotive-grade hardware & optimized for low lighting conditions.

AI Music Companion

Enhance your music experience by organizing your playlist by language and mood, with seamless scanning and intelligent categorization.

Out-Cabin Intelligence

Rear Camera Enhancement

Enhance visual experience in low light by improving quality of rear and surround-view camera images for clear and bright frames.

Object Detection

Enhance car cameras with real-time object detection algorithms, to complement ADAS, ensuring advanced protection on the road.


Experience a music synchronized light show, as the vehicle lights perfectly sync and illuminate with your favorite tracks, with mobile app control.

Fovea AUTO Retail & Fleet Product Line.


Mobile In-Cabin Intelligence

Mobile phone-based system that can be easily set up in any automobile-cabin environment to monitor driver & occupant behavior, to ensure their safety. The system can verify the driver, detect driver mobile phone usage, distraction, drowsiness and smoking in the cabin, and alert the family/fleet manager in case of any unsafe driver-passenger interaction.


In-Car Digital Assistant

GINI is a smart in-car assistant. It warmly greets its driver and passengers, detects driver drowsiness for safety, takes selfies, and offers gesture control for volume and music. GINI elevates one’s driving experience.

Fovea AUTO Advantage

Real-time edge compute for in-vehicle infotainment, low-light video enhancement and ADAS applications.

  • Digital transformation for in-vehicle experiences, safety, and V2X services

  • Interactive experiences delivered through infotainment or digital assistant systems

  • More than 20%+ enhancement in rear-camera lighting

  • NCAP driver assist tested technology enabling better decision-making while driving

Recent Product Deployment.

Watch the demo videos to see the Fovea AUTO suite of solutions for Edge AI Object Detection & In-car Digital companion in action.

Compare Fovea AUTO.

Digital transformation for in-vehicle automotive experiences, safety, and V2X services.

  • Improves overall connected driving experience.
  • Work in real-time from the in-car hardware, with no latency.
  • Works with very little customization to existing processes.
  • Real-time decision making, reporting with a negligible turn around time.
  • Solution can function offline and can work in any temperature, pressure, light condition.
  • Microservices based solution can be scaled and configured effortlessly on the move across different types of automobile hardware.
  • All data remains in-car and is highly secure.

Current automotive AI Solutions

  • Solution may not connect seamlessly, negatively affecting the driving experience.
  • Requires cloud compute environment which promises lots of latency.
  • Lot of customized hardware required to setup cloud based network systems.

  • Decision making requires significant driver intervention.
  • Solutions sensitive to external conditions, including network availability.
  • Prepackaged solutions which are limited by specific car hardware requirements and cannot be scaled nor configured easily.
  • Data security can be vulnerable to any network or internet breach.

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