Media & Entertainment.

Edge AI powered high quality premium streaming experiences with device-aware, content-aware, and context-ware enhancement, with ~40% reduction in storage costs

  • Premiumization of viewer quality of experience (QoE)

  • Up to 40% savings in data costs borne due to streaming

  • Significant reduction in data consumption for end users

  • Reduced energy consumption & lower carbon footprint


Employ the power of neural computation on the shopfloor – get a holistic view of your manufacturing lines, processes, and inspections as quick as a flash

  • Digital transformation for higher yield, efficiency, and quality
  • Higher productivity with automation leading to 20%+ increase in yield

  • End-to-end automation capability, enabling upto 25% process energy efficiency improvements

  • Enabling upto 10% savings in operations and maintenance costs


Transformative driving experience for in-vehicle infotainment, low-light video enhancement, ADAS applications and distributed compute

  • Digital transformation for in-vehicle experiences, safety, and V2X services

  • Interactive experiences delivered through infotainment or digital assistant systems
  • More than 20% enhancement in rear-camera visibility

  • NCAP Driver Assist tested technology enabling better decision-making while driving

Customer benefit.

Myelin Advantage.

Deploy Artificial Intelligence on complex unstructured data, in real-time, at the edge.

  • Artificial intelligence based solution increasingly improves and optimizes for maximum accuracy.
  • Work in real-time on low-cost, low-compute edge devices, with negligible latency.
  • Works with very little customization to existing processes.
  • Real-time decision making, reporting with a negligible turn around time.
  • Microservices based solution can be scaled and configured effortlessly on the move across different types of hardware.
  • Solution can be immune to any variability in external conditions, while also available offline.

  • All data remains on-premises and is highly secure.
  • Edge artificial intelligence is future proof.

Other Artificial Intelligence Solutions

  • Manual intervention is required and any improvement can be limited by predefined datasets.
  • Works from a cloud compute environment with high latency.
  • Lot of customized hardware and intervention required to setup cloud based network systems.
  • Decision making requires significant human intervention.
  • Prepackaged solutions which are limited by specific hardware requirements and cannot be scaled nor configured easily.

  • Solutions sensitive to external conditions, including network availability.
  • Data security can be vulnerable to any network or internet breach.
  • Prepackaged solutions need to be replaced after intermittent intervals.

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