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Myelin’s Fovea Auto uniquely offers custom solutions to democratize premium driving experiences, that significantly improves:


Edge AI for Automotive provides seamless connectivity between user controls and system response towards achieving tasks in-car by utilizing collated information from diverse sensors outside and inside the car

In-Car Experience

  • High-performance video and image enhancement capabilities, even during low-light or nighttime conditions, through AI engines trained using thousands of hours of diverse content
  • Interactive experiences delivered through infotainment or digital assistant integrations on a single chip


  • NCAP Driver Assist tested technology
  • Intelligent Edge AI for Automotive contextualizes information by collating data from various inputs, like video, acoustics, and sensors, which encourages better decision-making while driving


Improve in-car connectivity with remote controls. Edge AI for Automotive equips you with a functional mobile application that lets you personalize various aspects, like Smart Control for your car, analytics and reports of vehicle condition and status, and much more.

User Experience

In order to improve the user experience of the driver driving the vehicle, the technology utilizes all possible modes of input available outside the vehicular environment – CCTV cameras, acoustic devices, temperature, pressure sensors, etc., and delivers interactive insights to the driver on the same.

Digital/Voice Assistant

The Edge AI for Automotive technology leverages the inbuilt infotainment system or the voice assistant to interact with the driver, providing valuable insights about their vehicle like vehicle health reports, predictive maintenance advice, and more.

Driver Safety

The Edge AI for Automotive is tested based on the NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) Driver Assist protocol, ensuring that the technology is not only safe but effective for implementation in real-world applications.

Our Value Proposition

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Our Solutions

Driver Monitoring Systems

Detect driver inattention, distraction, drowsiness and other cues to prevent distracted driving, reduce insurance costs and increase road safety.

Video Enhancement

Enhance the perception or interpretability of a video captured in an environment with poor illumination.

Facial Recognition

Identify and verify a person using facial features in an image or video from a database.

Object Detection

Identify, locate and classify objects within an image or video.

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Microsoft for Startups is a comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies.

Myelin Foundry is now part of this coveted community, which comes packed with both technical and business enablements.

Myelin is part of the NVIDIA Inception program which aims to build, support, and nurture cutting-edge AI startup by offering go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, GPUs, and more.

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