Mumbai, IN – December 9, 2019

India is a $2.5 trillion economy with a population of 1.3 billion that is rapidly industrializing and growing. The country is increasingly becoming a top global innovator for high-tech products and services. AI is rapidly emerging as an essential component of innovation certainly for the next decade.

AI has the potential to drive growth through enabling:

  • Intelligent automation i.e. ability to automate complex physical world tasks that require adaptability and agility across industries,
  • Labor and capital augmentation: enabling humans to focus on parts of their role that add the most value, complementing human capabilities and improving capital efficiency,
  • Innovation diffusion i.e. propelling innovations as it diffuses through the economy.

AI innovations in one sector will have positive consequences in another, as industry sectors are interdependent based on value chain according to Discussion Paper National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

In this context, the CII organized the 4th edition of CII summit on Innovation Ecosystem 2019, with the theme for 2019 being “AI for Humans, by Humans”.

The discussions in the summit centered on the analysis of the following trends and subthemes within the event around which specific individual discussions will be constructed:

  • How AI could scale for Indian industry
  • Role of the government in creating a facilitative ecosystem for AI in these industries
  • AI’s ability to address a range of socioeconomic challenges

The summit featured rich discussions and addresses by an awesome set of global and Indian industry leaders, to discuss the future of AI in Media & Entertainment, Healthcare and Finance.

Check out the video we made for you from the event! Let us know what you think.


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