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Myelin’s Fovea Edge uniquely offers custom solutions for specific pain points without disrupting existing worker-machine symbiosis, that significantly improves:

Measurable Impact

Improve your overall throughput and yield directly enhancing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Platform Agnostic

Overcome solution obsolescence by using Myelin’s edge agnostic platform to deploy and scale AI solutions across facilities.

Flexible Plans

Pay as you use, for only what you use, with our suite of solutions from the Fovea EDGE Platform.


Industrial Edge AI lets you isolate processes in your manufacturing chain and monitor/control each one individually. Customize each module as per your requirements through any device with the Edge interface.


The plug-and-play model, entirely customizable for shopfloor requirements from one end to the other, is the specialized IT/OT combination Edge AI for industries. Easy installation and integration allow for turnkey operation, deployable with minimal investment of time.


Experience the true capabilities of shopfloor automation with Industrial Edge AI’s closed-loop control system. Save on human resources by automating parameters like tolerance limits and process environment controls (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.).

Closed-loop control

Industrial Edge AI lets you customize every parameter of your operations and offers close monitoring that is automatable based on protocol determined by the supervisor. Customize your reports, analytics, and monitoring preferences from any device.

Our Value Proposition

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Our Solutions

Anomaly & Defect Detection

  • Defect detection for inspection applications
  • Impurity detection in materials
  • Live anomaly detection for video data
  • Video based security & surveillance

Video Enhancement

  • Low light video enhancement
  • De-speckling, noise reduction and other downstream processing
  • Intelligent video analytics
  • Emotion and sentiment detection

Intelligent Automation

  • Automation of tasks in beverage processing
  • Automation for remote lab operations
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Quality inspection and assurance

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Microsoft for Startups is a comprehensive global program designed to support startups as they build and scale their companies.

Myelin Foundry is now part of this coveted community, which comes packed with both technical and business enablements.

Myelin is part of the NVIDIA Inception program which aims to build, support, and nurture cutting-edge AI startup by offering go-to-market support, expertise, and technology for program members through deep learning training, GPUs, and more.

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